Cycling Coaching Services

Customized Bike Fit -- $85.00 and up
Do you want to get the most out of your riding? Start out with a customized bike fit! Cycling is a sport of repetition, and poor fit gets exaggerated when repeated over thousands of pedal strokes. The result is rider discomfort, loss of power and an increase in overuse injuries.

I start by studying the athlete’s biomechanics before he or she even gets on the bike. Then the bike is mounted onto a stationary trainer and the rider starts pedaling. The bicycle is micro-adjusted to the cyclist’s body, along with the shoe, insole and pedal system. If needed, changes to saddle, shoes, pedals and/or stem are made at this time. The rider then tests the fit while I observe all angles. The client will purchase any extra components needed to complete this fit.

New Bicycle Consult -- $85.00 and up

Interested in purchasing a new bicycle but are undecided about size, type, brand, or all three?  Let me help you in choosing the bike that is right for you and your cycling goals.

Email or call 315-796-1054 for an appointment

Power Profiling -- 2 Sessions for $125.00
Are you confused about what your strength and weaknesses are? Are you a sprinter or a time trialist? Based on your natural strengths, should you train for endurance events or criteriums?

Power Profiling is done with my Power Tap Equipment, the testing takes place on two separate occasions. You produce the watts, I tell you what it means.  Whether or not you train with a power meter, the information you get from this testing will point you in the right direction when choosing your goals.

Training Services

Private and Semi-private Skill Training
Road and Off-Road -- $60 private, $40 each semiprivate.  Call for group rates.

I race and train both on the road and on singletrack trails, and have lots to offer new and intermediate riders, as well as racers in both disciplines.  An hour and a half session spent on a quiet road or trail can make all the difference between making the same old mistakes and becoming a more skilled and confident rider.

Individualized Coaching Based on Power
One on one -- $275 per month.

The most accurate way to coach a cyclist is with the cyclist’s use of a power meter. Power is absolute, giving me the truest feedback of the cyclist’s performance. I have coached and trained with power for over five years now, and extensively studied training and racing with power meters. Power meters are great tools that demand experienced guidance.

This level includes a weekly program set up for the client based upon client’s goals and the progress made toward those goals. The client has unlimited email access to me, and can call any time between 9 AM and 10 PM. There is a four-month contract to be signed, with the first two months fee is due before the first testing.

Each client’s training is prescribed based upon the results of periodic power testing, and percentages of that power are defined for each workout. The athlete must have his/her own power meter. Power files are submitted to the coach after every ride for the most complete and timely way to analyze the training and its results. Interested athletes without a power meter can call me for assistance in purchasing one
There is an initial $50 set-up fee that includes bike fitting and paperwork.

Triathlon Training
One on one -- $300.00 per month – power based

Triathletes are a special breed, able to do it all and driven to do so.  While coordinating all that training can be confusing to the triathlete it can also be a recipe for overuse injuries and overtraining.  All three sports are worked with so that the training plan is always in balance. A power meter is required.

Consultation Fee -- $60.00 per hour

Equipment requirements
A safe and properly adjusted bicycle
An ANSI approved bicycling helmet
A heart rate monitor (for all packages except bike fit)

As every athlete is different, so too is the approach to his or her training. The above service overview gives a general idea about what can be offered to the client, but many possibilities exist for training. Call to investigate other options.  315-796-1054

Margaret Thompson Cycling Coaching Services